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Advancing the Latest Technologies and Development Standards

Enable clinical decision support, streamlined workflows, and patient engagement benefits.
Optimize and drive costs and risks out of healthcare delivery.


Enable workflows and streamline core services, patient management, and compliance, making use of standard data and protocols for healthcare and running on any EHR.

FHIR Compatibility

Improve quality and safety, increase efficiency, and reduce the cost of care with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) utilizing the new HL7 standard and standard data models.

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CDS Hooks

Get immediate clinical insights by automatically retrieving and serving only the right data.

Purpose-built Solutions

See some examples of how we are simplifying the delivery and management of healthcare for our clients.

Pediatric Intake Forms
Pediatric Intake Forms

Appointment Prep & Check In

Ensuring daily pediatric practice is
consistent with current standards of care.

Patient-Centered Risk Applications
Patient-Centered Risk Applications

Visiting & Test Results

Allowing physicians to use a patient's actual data to demonstrate risk of cardiovascular and pulmonary disease and death.

Surgical/Procedural Consent Application
Surgical/Procedural Consent Application

Appointment Prep & Check In

Reducing medical malpractice liability by ensuring that procedural consents meet the national standard of care.

Peri-procedural Antipiotics Tool
Peri-procedural Antibiotics Tool

Visiting & Test Results

Bringing evidence-based peri-procedural antibiotic prophylaxis guidelines to the point of care.

Pediatric Blood Pressure
Pediatric Blood Pressure Application

Testing, Test Results, & Disease Management

Automatically calculating blood pressure percentiles normalized by age, sex, and height.

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