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Empowering Healthcare Delivery Through

Interoperable, EHR-Integrated Solutions

We put the right data, analytics, decision support, and workflow tools at clinician's fingertips

with interoperable applications built with SMART on FHIR and CDS Hooks.

About Us

Interopion is a healthcare software company  and creator of interopiO, a health data, app, and CDS service integration engine. We also provide full-service health app and CDS services solutions including the design, development, validation, hosting, distribution (through various EHR app stores), and on-going support of health apps and CDS services.


Our co-founder was one of the creators of the SMART on FHIR and CDS Hooks technology and many of our employees have been involved in its implementation since the beginning. Our CEO was one of the founders of HSPC. We built the initial reference implementation of SMART on FHIR, the HSPC Sandbox, SMART Gallery, SMART Sandbox, and worked with the world’s largest EHR vendors in the definition and implementation of the technology. We built the original SMART on FHIR applications such as the Growth Chart, CVD Risk Calculator, Bilirubin Risk Chart (and many more). Since then, we have built dozens of commercial applications for large healthcare, pharmaceutical, health care insurers/payers, EHR vendors, research and academic organizations, and other commercial software vendors.


The solutions and services we offer address a new and emerging technology that enables our customers to contextualize and integrate their knowledge, content, services, etc. in the clinical workflow.  As one of the pioneers of the technology and in conjunction with our experience, products, and services offering, no one is more qualified to help your organization integrate its knowledge, content, and services into the clinical workflow. Let us help you.

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