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Harnessing the Power and Possibility of SMART on FHIR and CDS Hooks

Explore how Interopion is operating on the forefront of these emerging technologies to simplify healthcare delivery and management across the continuum of care.

Building Better Healthcare –
One EHR-Integrated Solution at a Time

Our interoperable applications help deliver better patient outcomes across the continuum of care while making your job easier.

In Clinical Trials
  • Optimize recruiting for clinical trials

  • Better and cheaper trials, through workflow and CDS tools

  • Integrating with EHR systems to leverage data for better matching of patients to new drugs

  • Leverage EHR to tailor medication regimens to patient history

For Healthcare Systems
  • Asset physicians in delivering data-driven, better health outcomes

  • Help streamline complex decisions 

  • Standardize processes, automate record management and deliver data insights

  • Automate standard care pathways to improve care and reduce risk

  • Integrate with EHR systems through advanced FHIR standards

  • Proven at premier institutions, minimizing deployment risk

For Payers
  • Better / cheaper care delivery through workflow and CDS tools

  • Better usage of healthcare services through optimized HC delivery / clinical protocols

  • Prevention and early detection to drive

  • Patient wellness; medication and treatment protocol adherence

Clinical Decision Support and CDS Hooks

Clinical decision making is complex. It is based on myriad inputs and data points.  It is tied to a constantly changing clinical guidelines and practice protocols. It is patient and event specific.


By producing data overload and failing to keep pace with ever-changing clinical evidence, standard EHR systems too often fail to support healthcare providers in clinical decision making. CDS Hooks is the answer.


Interopion's EHR-Integrated solutions empowered by the CDS Hooks technology assist healthcare providers in consistently delivering data-driven, evidence-based patient care. No more scouring the medical record for the right data point or searching the web for the applicable clinical guideline. Interopion automates evidence-based care pathways to improve care, reduce risk and optimize clinical outcomes.


Let Interopion and the CDS Hooks technology help you to streamline complex clinical decisions and improve compliance with treatment protocols.

Learn More About CDS Hooks 
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